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A look and feel similar to your website can be applied to VETenrol.

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Information for courses is retrieved from your VETtrak

VETenrol is a web-based system for VETtrak which is designed to allow quick and easy deployment of web enrolments for RTOs.

VETenrol communicates dynamically with VETtrak via the Internet to provide your students with up-to-date enrolment information.


VETenrol is centrally hosted and supported. It requires the VETtrak Web Connector (API) to communicate with VETtrak.


Please browse the demonstration and feel free to try the enrolment process. If you provide a valid email address when enrolling, we will be able to contact you for feedback.

VETenrol presents a stand-alone site where all content is generated from VETtrak, inlcuding the course list.

- OR -

Course specific information is presented outside of your website once the process begins. Users do not have access to the course list from VETenrol.

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