: Website Linking


The default main page for VETenrol.

Specific Course

Link straight to a single course, or small selection of courses.

List Formats

Alternative styles of viewing available courses.


There are two calendar styles available for linking.


Include a Search feature as the main page of VETenrol.


Display any of the other link styles in an iFrame. (Not Recommended)

Standard linking to all courses

This example is for a generic register/enrol button on your home page, or in your navigation menu, for users to browse through and register for a course immediately.

The link used is the standard link to the VETenrol main page, simply substitute the Client ID for your own.

Register Online

The link for the button is

Course Specific Linking

Your website might have pages that detail specific information about each course. On these pages, links to VETenrol can be added to skip course selection and go straight to the details for a specific programme/course.

Link to a programme

Link directly to a specific VETtrak Programme (course). Other available courses are not shown.



Basic Computers Example

Link to a series of programmes

Link directly to a specific VETtrak Programme (course), but allow browsing of a few selected courses. The first programme ID listed will be the 'selected' course.


Multi Course Example

Link to an occurrence

Link directly to a specific VETtrak Occurrence (an instance of a course).



First Aid Example

Courses Demo

Our Courses Demo implements the above linking types and provides an example of how they could be used on a website:

Courses Demo

List Formats

The Schedule

The schedule is ideal for RTOs offering multiple courses across different states. Courses are displayed in a table and grouped by state.



View Schedule

Category View

The Category View is suitable for RTOs wanting to show their course offerings in groups. Courses are listed based on the programme type assigned in VETtrak.



Category View

Calendar Linking

There are two available calendars. In both cases the calendars bypass the typical standard VETenrol main page.

Basic Calendar

The first calendar offers a monthly view and a category view. The Category View available with this calendar can also be directly linked and used without the calendar.



Calendar (w/Categories)

Advanced Calendar

The second calendar provides a monthly, weekly and daily view plus access to the list of available courses. Colour coding is applied to courses based on the occurrence colour set in VETtrak.



Calendar (w/Course List)


The link used is to our demo search page, simply substitute the Client ID for your own.


View Search


iFrame Demonstration

VETenrol can be added to an iFrame on your website, which will preserve your own website's header, footer and navigation menus.

WARNING: If your web developer does not configure your website for https and ensure all page elements are secure, some browsers may issue security warnings to users. Further, if you intend to accept credit card payments, VETenrol must break out of the iFrame when the registration process begins.

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