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Retain the menus/navigation of your own website while utilising VETenrol


Recently, browsers have begun blocking third party cookies (such as VETenrol's cookies when loaded in an iFrame on your website) to increase security for users. When this occurs, most browsers support VETenrol's update to allow the user to choose to open the iframe content in a new tab, however there are exceptions where access to the content is blocked entirely.

In light of these changes, and the expectation that browsers will continue to increase security in this area, we strongly recommend implementing linking methods other than the iFrame.

Website Linking Example

The following example shows how your web developer can implement an iFrame :

The iFrame source is https://enrol.vetenrol.com.au/?clientID=VT-DEMO&altCSS=2&progID=96&uiSettings=2


Course specific pages typically provide information such as prerequisites, training outcomes, etc.


Upcoming courses in First Aid Training

This information has been added to the website and is not obtained from VETtrak, so course information needs to be updated manually. This style of linking is better suited to email campaigns.


Course Date(s) Location  
21st November 2016, 9:30am - 4:30pm Perth
Register NowLink: Occurrence
16th October 2017, 9:00am - 4:00pm Melbourne
Register NowLink: Occurrence


If you desire to include upcoming courses retrieved from VETtrak, consider requesting a customisation, or utilitising iFrames with VETenrol.

WARNING: Please close all other VETenrol (enrol.vetenrol.com.au) tabs. VETenrol uses session data which may be overwritten if other tabs are in use, producing unexpected results or errors in the iFrame.


See below for how an iFrame link is formed

iFrame linking

The basic source link for an iFrame is:

Where x is the number for your iFrame branding (typically 2). You can add other parameters like progID and occuID, or page, depending on where the iFrame is being used.

Remember to replace the Client ID with your own!

Note the use of https - this is important! Any website pages including an iFrame for VETenrol should be https, as should any source links for images on the page. This will avoid browser security warnings that may discourage users from registering.


Courses Demonstration

Utilise multiple linking types for VETenrol to ensure the best customer experience from your website.

  • Link to the course being viewed from your website.
  • Link to present a selection of similar courses, without inundating users with a lengthy course list.
  • Link to immediately register for a course starting on a specific date.

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