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Website Example

Featuring the iFrame implementation for Rapid Registrations


Retain the menus/navigation of your own website while utilising VETenrol

Other Links

Link directly to the Shopping Cart OR Rapid Registration process.

Website Linking Example

The following shows an iFrame embedded in a side pane to the right on a web page:

The iFrame source is https://enrol.vetenrol.com.au/?clientID=VT-DEMO&page=courses.aspx&progID=13,96

Short Courses

Browse our short course offerring and register online!

Basic Computers

Learn the computing skills you need to know for every day!

Website pages typically provide information such as prerequisites, training outcomes, etc.

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First Aid Training

A beginner first aid course suitable for the work place.

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WARNING: Please close all other VETenrol (enrol.vetenrol.com.au) tabs. VETenrol uses session data which may be overwritten if other tabs are in use, producing unexpected results or errors in the iFrame.


See below for how an iFrame link is formed

iFrame Source

The basic source link for Rapid Registrations in an iFrame is:

This will display all valid published courses by default. It is a suitable choice for organisations that are only offering short courses and will use the Rapid process for all registrations.

Remember to replace the Client ID with your own!

Note the use of https - this is important! Any website pages including an iFrame for VETenrol should be https.


Linking to multiple programmes

You can restrict the available courses by adding progID to the source link and specifying the programme IDs for each course to be included. This is a suitable choice for organisations that offer other course types in addition to short courses and want to use both the Standard and Rapid processes for registering.

For a single programme/course:

Where x is a programme ID obtained from the Summary Report in your VETenrol Admin. This is intended for iFrame on a course specific page on a website.

Comma separate additional programme IDs as required!

Where x, y and z are programme IDs obtained from the Summary Report in your VETenrol Admin.

This is intended for an iFrame on a website page featuring multiple courses (as with the website example above), or for a generalised page for registering in any course via Rapid Registrations.


Other Rapid Registration links

Shopping Cart

Those with the Shopping Cart feature enabled for Rapid Registrations will have a slightly different experience using Rapid Registration Courses.


View Cart

NOTE: The shopping Cart can be enabled for your VETenrol account on request.

Rapid Occurrence linking

An occurrence link is for a specific instance of a course (ie. a course date has been chosen). These will take users directly to the Rapid registration process, for example:

Where x is the occurrence ID obtained from the Summary Report in your VETenrol Admin.

This type of link is not intended for long term use on website, since occurrences expire frequently. However, it is suited for temporarily spotlighting/promoting on your homepage, buttons and links in marketing emails, or for distributing directly to a potential student via email.

An occurrence with only one published price type must be used for Rapid Registrations, otherwise each price will be added together for a single total cost.

First Aid


NOTE: This linking method CANNOT be used with the Shopping Cart feature of Rapid Registrations, as such you will note a different ClientID was supplied for the above examples.

WARNING: Please close all other VETenrol (enrol.vetenrol.com.au) tabs before opening links. VETenrol uses session data which may be overwritten resulting in unexpected results when returning to other tabs.

VETenrol Standard Demonstration

Utilise multiple linking types for VETenrol to ensure the best customer experience from your website.

  • Link to the course being viewed from your website.
  • Link to present a selection of similar courses, without inundating users with a lengthy course list.
  • Link to immediately register for a course starting on a specific date.

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